Federal and State Court Appeals

Filing an appeal, or having one filed against you, is one of the most daunting things clients face on the civil side of our legal system. The court rules on appeal can be confusing and often include tight mandatory deadlines. Missing a deadline can be fatal to your claim or make your opponent's case much, much easier. 

The rules also include complex directions about how your argument may be presented to the court, down to details like allowable font size and paper color.

Ashton Law Office, PLLC is an appellate lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia. If you are facing appeals in Roanoke or the surrounding areas, you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through this maze of rules. Ashton Law Office can help you present your argument properly and effectively, so that your voice will be heard. Don't let your case be dismissed because you don't know how many copies of your petition to file, or because you did not have the correct margins. Be confident that the details will be handled properly.

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Open book lying on a table

Open book lying on a table