Alternative Fee Arrangements

What are they?


Historically, lawyers have billed clients by the hour for whatever work they do. This is called an "hourly fee," and it is still the most popular fee arrangement between lawyers and clients in the U.S. today. 

An alternative fee arrangement is anything other than an hourly fee. Some examples are flat fee, staged- or segmented-fee, installments, periodic retainers, and some forms of contingency fees.

An hourly fee agreement is still appropriate for some types of representation. However, in some situations, an hourly fee is not the most cost-effective or desirable arrangement.  

At Ashton Law Office, we recognize that helping our clients stay "in the game" is in everyone's best interest. Whenever possible, we want to provide our clients with fee options that allow them to balance their financial situation without undue stress while putting them in the best position possible to enjoy success.


Ashton Law Office in Roanoke, VA is happy to discuss alternative fee arrangements* with prospective clients. At your consultation, please ask the attorney what arrangements might be available in your situation. If you are looking for an attorney charging a flat fee in Roanoke, VA, Ashton Law Office may be able to help.

*It is not possible in every situation for an attorney to offer an alternative billing arrangement.